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Artist Visit: Adebanji Alade – Save the Date

We are VERY excited to be welcoming artist Adebanji Alade to Holme Grange School on Thursday 25th January 2018. You may have seen him on The One Show painting portraits of celebrities such as, the boxer, Chris Eubanks. If you would like to find out more about him in advance of his visit, please go to:

Adebanji will be running a workshop for our Art Scholars in the afternoon. Also, in the evening he will be doing a talk from 7-9pm for all parents and pupils in Year 5 and above.


We are delighted to invite you and your families to our annual summer exhibition ART &DT OPEN EVENING for all on Monday 3rd July from 3:30-6pm where refreshments will be served along with sweet treats made by the Food Technology Department. There will also be Art activities to take part in for all ages.

Every child has a piece of work on display, including work made in Art, DT & Food Technology.

This year we also have a Sculpture trail which you can follow with our sculpture map.

The exhibition will be also open before and after school until Thursday 6th July if you are unable to attend our Open Evening.

We really look forward to seeing you there!

Wrapped Tress by Year 5 with interior designer, Sarah Paumelle

Learning Quote by Katie Curnow Y8

Work of the week

Holme Grange Free Range Chicken by Beau Plumpton Y3

Our chickens were made from an upturned pinch pot.  Then we added a beak, comb, wings, tail and finally cut holes for the eyes. The chicken was dipped in a barium blue glaze with cobalt oxide and stoneware fired. We looked at the sculpture “Blue Cockerel” by Katharina Fritsch for inspiration.

Beau’s sculpture will be on display at the SATIPS National Art Exhibition at Cheltenham College Prep. The exhibition is open to the public from 24th April – 5th May and is well worth a visit. Well done, Beau, for having your work selected.


School Map Competition

Calling all artists! Draw a map of the school to go on the website.

We need to update the school map because of all the new buildings that we now have.  The existing map, which should give you an idea, can be found here at:

  • It does not need to be to scale
  • It needs to be in colour and outlined with a fine liner
  • Label areas in pencil only
  • Can be drawings of buildings/places rather than just an aerial view
  • It needs to include the following areas:
  1. Main House
  2. Scott Wing
  3. John Graves Wing
  4. Eaton Grange/Dining Room
  5. Reception/Library
  6. Little Grange
  7. Forest schools
  8. Sports Hall/traverse wall
  9. Caudwell Hall
  10. Astroturf
  11. Green Meadows (athletics field)
  12. Main field
  13. Back field
  14. Willow village and pond
  15. Show lawn, amphitheatre and story teller’s chair
  16. TLC Hub (outdoor learning area)
  17. Adventure playground
  18. Swimming pool and tennis courts
  19. Langton (new classrooms for Y7)
  20. Lawnside House
  21. Maintenance workshops
  22. Animals

DEADLINE: Monday 30th January 2017 – please hand in to Mrs Saynor in the Art Room

10 House Points will go to the winner, 5 for runners up and 3 for all entries



Year 9 & 10 Visit to the V&A

Ethical Fashion Styling Workshop

Ethical Fashion Styling Workshop

High-low bustle skirt

High-low bustle skirt









Pupils went to Creative Quarter at the Victoria and Albert Museum on Friday 18th November with the Art and DT Departments.  This was a unique event designed to inform and inspire them about careers in the creative industries. We attended a variety of workshops and went to inspiring talks by professionals from Make architects and Framestore, who create visual effects for films.

Car design – Sam

High-low bustle skirt (front)

High-low bustle skirt (front)

Using old shirts to make an outfit

Using old shirts to make an outfit


Car design – Alex

Draw -off

One Minute Brief: The Draw -off

Advertise earrings in only one minute

Advertise earrings in only one minute

All Soul’s Mass at St Paul’s Church

Memory Box Nichos on display at St Paul's Church during All Soul's Mass

Memory Box Nichos on display at St Paul’s Church during All Soul’s Mass

Candles on graves in St Paul's Churchyard

Candles on graves in St Paul’s Churchyard

Eamonn Dolan by Grace

Eamonn Dolan by Grace

Eamonn Dolan by Seamus

Eamonn Dolan by Seamus

On Wednesday 2nd November I had the privilege of taking over all of the memory boxes that we made for the All Soul’s Mass at St. Paul’s. The boxes were made to remember and celebrate the lives of people who have died. Some of the boxes were made for loved ones recently lost as well as for people known to the wider public. The Mass was a very moving and special service where candles had been placed on the graves in the churchyard. The memory boxes are available for you to see at St. Paul’s and will return to school next week.

The Big Draw

We had a very creative day on Monday 31st October with children, parents, staff and members of the public taking part in a number of drawing events.  These included; STEAM inspired doodles, a drawing competition to design a new neon sign to go in the Caudwell Hall (watch this space), Making a memory box for someone who has died and drawing with robots.  “Jackson’s Robots” involved creating a Jackson Pollock style giant painting by driving Sphero robots through paint using the iPads to control them. This can now be seen in the  Oak Hall, so do come and have a look.  Thank you very much to the ICT and DT departments for collaborating on this project.

STEAM inspired doodling

STEAM inspired doodling

Using the iPads to control the Sphero robot to make the painting.

Using the iPads to control the Sphero robot to make the painting

Jackson's Robots

Jackson’s Robots

The Big Draw at HG

Monday 31st October – SAVE THE DATE!

The Big Draw is the world’s biggest drawing festival and events are held all over the country for people of all ages and abilities to participate in various forms of drawing. We are holding our own Big Draw events which are open to all pupils and parents. Members of the public may also book a place at either of the two workshops listed below.

Pupils will be able to take part in drawing activities at break times, lunchtime and after school.

Parents and families may book a place at either of the two workshops listed below and they may also drop in to the Art room from 4-6pm.

Memory Box Nicho Workshop 10:15am – 12:15pm

At this time of year, many people around the world remember and celebrate the lives of people who have died.  In Mexico, many people make a memory box, called a “nicho” to remember loved ones who have died, decorating them with images of things that they remember about the person. The Art and DT departments have collaborated in a workshop where you can make a “nicho” for someone.  It could be for someone close to you or for somebody who has inspired you in some way.  Please email Mrs Saynor at  to book a place at the workshop if you would like to make one.  If you cannot make it to the workshop, but would still like to make one, please also contact Mrs Saynor, so that she can cut one for you.

We are hoping that you would also like to display your nicho at St Paul’s Church, Wokingham, as part of their All Soul’s Mass on 2nd November 2016.


Jo Cox MP

A nicho to remember and celebrate the life of Jo Cox MP


Jo Cox MP

Draw with Robots 10:30am – 12:30pm

Draw a picture by controlling a robot!  Holme Grange’s ICT Department has a number of devices that can be adapted to draw. Come and see how well you can control technology to draw pictures on a large scale.  Please email Mrs Saynor at if you would like to book a place. For more information about these robots, visit